Our Aim

Being ethical / Prokontrol

The core of everything we do is to live by and maintain professional business ethics and integrity it in all of our daily activities.

Quality / Performance
To make quality the basis of Prokontrol's growth success and competitiveness.

To Be Employee's Choice
To attract the best staff and skilled manpower to our company whom we share success and award with, to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish.

Products / Systems / Qualified Design
To combine our expertise and experience accumulated over many years, quality and innovative technological products / systems, to be the most ideal BAS solution partner of our customers.

Financial Performance
Optimizing annual financial development, providing financial objectives.

Customer Satisfaction
Demonstrate dedication to customer needs on a daily basis to achieve total customer satisfaction..

Keeping the Pulse of the Market
Listening to the market and presenting the products and services that suit best to our mission / vision as tailor-made.

Productivity, Efficiency, Flexibility and Price Advantage
To produce strategies that will change the structure of the market by offering sustainable competitiveness, overall efficiency and cost advantage.

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