KMC Controls

KMC Controls offers a wide range of field equipment as analogue-electronics and pneumatic. As the indispensable building block of building management systems; automatic control valves, drivers, sensors are involved in the product range of KMC as field equipment.

KMC original peer to peer network system which developed with 40 years of experience, software package options designed for standard BACnet network structure and proven digital hardware making automation applications skillful and easy.

Nowadays in developed buildings, creative thinking in energy management as well as sophisticated digital control systems are needed extensively.

The standard KMC digital product range consists of data center software suites, fully programmable and Tier2 DDC-PLC units, networkable thermostats and network accessories.

KMC Controls has also shifted its automotive expertise to the field of energy management. TotalControl allows you to travel safely on the energy management highway from the driver's seat with internet access support.

KMC Controls offers BACnet products to meet the emerging needs for open and integrated systems. From powerful data center software to advanced application controllers, the entire system is modular and flexible and provides maximum flexibility in application without being dependent on a single brand for building owners and maintanace personnel.

BTL is BACnet testing laboratory. It is an independent arm of BACnet International. It is founded for testing products and publishing list of products that have BACnet capability. Because there is no guarantee of open systems capabilities, BTL decides whether the products conform to the BACnet standard, which is the common open system standard. Products that pass the tough testing procedures enter the BTL list. These products are listed and announced on the BTL website. Manufacturers can use the BTL logos only for products that are listed and approved. All KMC BACnet products are BTL approved.



TC-BAC TotalControl Brochure Datasheet


BAC-9301 Brochure Datasheet
BAC-5050 BACnet Router Brochure Datasheet
BAC-5051E BACnet Router Brochure Datasheet
BAC-12-13-14xxxx FlexStat Brochure Datasheet
BAC-4000 AppStat Brochure Datasheet
BAC-7000 - VAV Controllers Brochure Datasheet
BAC-8000 - VAV Controllers Brochure Datasheet


Sensor Main Brochure Brochure
KMD-1161 / 1164 NetSensor Datasheet
KMD-1162 NetSensor Datasheet
KMD-1181 / 1184 NetSensor Datasheet
KMD-1183 / 1185 NetSensor Datasheet
STE-14xx - Temperature Sensor Datasheet
STE-60xx - Room Type Temperature Sensor Datasheet
THE-1002 - Duct Type Temperature and Humidity Sensor Datasheet
THE-1102 - Wall Type Temperature and Humidity Sensor Datasheet
STW-60xx & THW-11xx - Wireless Temp. and Humid. S. Datasheet
CTE-300x - Frost Sensor Datasheet
CAE-1003 / 1103 - Smoke Dedector Datasheet
SAE-11x1 / 1162 - CO2 Sensor Datasheet
SAE-101x / 1062 - CO Sensor Datasheet
SAE-11xx - CO2 Dedector Datasheet
TPE-1464 - Pressure Transmitters Datasheet
TPE-1483 - Differential Pressure Transmitters Datasheet

Damper Actuators

Main Brochure Brochure
MEP-42xx / 45xx / 49xx Datasheet
MEP-4x00 Datasheet
MEP-75xx / 78xx Datasheet
MEP-425xxx - With Spring Return Datasheet
MEP-455xxx - With Spring Return Datasheet


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